Swit·zer·lust \ ˈswit-sər-ˌləst \

Origin and etymology

Invented name (2018), derived from
wanderlust (1875)
From German wandern (to hike) + lust

In other words: lust to discover Switzerland

Every two months, Switzerlust invites you to (re)discover Switzerland through a box of original products designed on a small scale by producers, artisans and creators from a different canton.

Switzerlust is proud to announce that it received the Swiss label certification!

This certification is granted by the Swiss label association, which supports the marketing of Swiss quality products and services both in Switzerland and abroad.

Looking for a gift? Ask for your Switzerlust voucher!

While waiting for the upcoming delivery, why not offer a voucher for the next box?
Simply mention that you are offering it as a gift on the order validation page and we will send you a voucher that you can print at home and offer to the recipient in person.
Surprise effect guaranteed!

For its sixth edition, Switzerlust is exploring a mystery canton!

Surprise for Xmas 🙂

Box n° 6


The 6th box will be delivered on December 20th!

To order it, click here!

Here is a short video of my trip to St. Gallen in February 2019 for the 2nd Switzerlust box!

Switzerlust introduces itself

What’s the rationale behind Switzerlust?

The quality of the products is impeccable; the description of the craftspeople and of the products adds an essential dimension to their discovery and appreciation.

Bern box customer


Quality products which also enable Swiss people to discover their country.


Bern box customer


Keep going! I made 5 great gifts thanks to you and I was able to offer it to people aged 20 to 70 with the same surprise effect. Congratulations!

Bern box customer

I appreciate the decision not to limit yourself to discovering the (certainly much appreciated) food from a specific canton but also to discover the people who sustain it!

Bern box customer

They are talking about us!